10 Tips on How to Train a Dog Not to Poop in the House?

Your dog poops inside the home and creates mess everywhere. So, you are wondering how to train a dog not to poop in the house? You have sweated blood to train the dog, but it is not working.

So let us take a closer look at the reasons for dog pooping in the house and deeply discuss different tips to train your dog to poop outside.

Why Does My Dog Poop in the House?

Following are the reasons for dog pooping in house;

He is not Potty Trained

The possible reason for dog keeps pooping in the house is poor training. You must be patient and consistent if you want to train your dog fully. 

When a dog passes a whole day without accident, his owner thinks that the dog is now fully trained. However, it is a sign of progress but does not show that the dog is trained.

It would help if you were consistent for a few days so he could memorize everything. You also need to cross-check your training method. The most common mistake the trainer makes is that they do not compliment the dog when performing well.

So make sure you commend or pat him as soon as he fulfills your command.

Easily Distracted

You take your dog outdoors for hours so he can poop, but he spends that time playing here and there. Moreover, he stares at his surroundings and indulges in observation.

In such a situation the dog will not poop as he has many distractions. So you should select a place for the dog that is free of distraction. Moreover, should you give him large potty breaks.

Above all, keep saying the single word you selected for his potty training so he can get a signal and pay attention to his business.


Yours or my dog keeps pooping in the house and does not use the bathroom until he is indoors. It means that when your dog goes outside, he becomes anxious and does not poop.

It would help if you found out the reasons for anxiety. Moreover, separation anxiety also causes the dogs pooping in house.

Your dog is attached to you very much, and when you suddenly start living away from him, he becomes the victim of separation anxiety and your dog keeps pooping in house.

If you want to check whether your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or not, keep an eye on his timing of pooping, and if he poops when you are not at home, it means that the dog is anxious. 

Medical Issues

Why does my potty trained dog pooping in the house? There are a large number of health issues that can cause the dog to poop and pee in an unacceptable place

The two most common diseases are inflammatory bowel diseases and intestinal parasites. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

It causes sudden and chronic inflammation in the intestine, leading to digestive problems and diarrhea that is impossible for dogs to hold for a long time.

Intestinal Parasite

There are different parasites like hookworm and round warm that cause house soiling and cause inflammation of the intestinal walls leading to the blood in the stool.

So if you see any symptoms of these conditions, immediately rush to the vet as he will examine the dog to know the root cause.

Fewer Potty Breaks

If you come back from work and see a dog pooped in the house, you cannot give him enough potty breaks because of your work. The dog could not hold for a long time, so he pooped.

If you do not have enough time to come back home for your dog, you can hire a pet sitter so he can take him on a walk during the day. Moreover, dog daycare is also the best option, and you must consider it.

Here your dog will have a lot of potty breaks; moreover, he will get the golden chance to socialize and have fun.

Noise Phobia

Some dogs are very noise phobic, and they are easily threatened by the bark of the other dogs, vehicles horns, sirens, loud voices of humans, machines, and thunderstorms.

Your dog relieves himself in the house, and you have tried all the methods to potty train him outdoors; it means that your dog fears loud voices and becomes anxious when outdoors.

Your dog will not stop pooping in the house until you work on his noise phobia and make him believe that noise has nothing to do with him.

Change in Routine

Dogs live a scheduled life and have set the time for eating, bathing, and playing. If you abruptly change his routine, he may poop in the house as you cannot prepare him for this in the required time.

You have not changed the dog’s routine, but unfortunately, something has given him stress and changed his daily routine. So, he may poop in the house or at an unacceptable home.

Age-Related Issue

When dogs are growing towards an older stage, their sharpness fades away. Dogs are better potty trained when they are puppies, and in adult age, they forget potty training. 

Older dogs often become victims of dementia and canine cognitive dysfunction, due to which they forget most pieces of training. Moreover, it also leads to anxiety.

Changed Diet

If your dog is pooping in the house and he has never done so in the past, it means that your dog is suffering from a medical condition. You may have changed his diet immediately.

Your dog must have eaten something from the trash can. Sudden diet changes disturb the microflora in the dog’s intestine, cause loose stools, and you will see accidents in the house.

Food Allergies

Your dog may have a food allergy if he suffers from vomiting, diarrhea, and an unaccepted need to poop.

Thus, look at your dog’s diet and find the food items that do not suit your dog. Ensure your dog never eats them again, even if he is craving them.

Dogs love dairy products, but they do not suit them and lead to digestive problems.

Tips on How to Train a Dog Not to Poop in the House?

Here are tips that will help your train your dog from house pooping

Find out Medical Reasons

Immediately go to a certified vet for a complete checkup as it can be a medical issue that urges the dog to poop in the house. Once diagnosed, give him proper treatment and follow the vet’s instructions until he has recovered completely.

Get Professional Help to Treat General and Separation Anxiety

First, you need to find out if there is a medical condition for which the dog poops in the house. Go to a certified vet and get him checked up and tested.

If a medical condition has been detected, the doctor will give you medicines and instructions. Give your dog all medication on time and follow the dog’s instructions.

However, if the doctor recommends surgery, do not delay it and get him operating as soon as possible. Take care of the dog after the operation so he can heal and start living a normal life.

Set a Schedule

Your dog poops on the floor in the house, and maybe his routine is disturbed. So set a schedule for drinking, eating, peeing, and pooping, and you need to take him outside at a specific time and on the same spot.

Must take your dog outside early in the morning as soon as he wakes up and wait until he relieves himself. Do the same at night, just before sleeping time. As a result, the dog will remember that place as a bathroom.

Do not rush, as the dog will take time to accept that place as the bathroom. Be consistent, take him to the spot daily, and do not move from that place until he relieves himself.

Try Different Training Items

The other trick that will prove very beneficial for you is using different training items. You can use a pee pad or artificial grass potty pad for dog pooping in the house.

Once your dog is used to these mats, you can gradually train him to poop outdoors. The dog will not feel much change as you have been using grass inside the home.

Tether your Puppy

Keep an eye on your dog as you can guess from his behavior that he needs to urge. For example, some dogs start scratching the furniture, and doors, squatting, restlessness, and sniffing.

If you observe any of these symptoms, immediately take him outside at the spot of pooping and wait till he poops.

Select a Safe Place

Your dog is not pooping outdoors and poops as soon as he enters the house. It means that he does not feel safe outdoors and becomes anxious.

Select another place not populated so your dog can feel relaxed and do his business.

Extend the Potty Time

The dog will not stop pooping in the house if you do not give him enough potty breaks. Take your dog outside many times in a day and let him stay there for a few minutes

He will get enough time to relieve himself and slowly develop the habit of going outdoors whenever he has the urge to poop.

Immediately Clean the Mess

If your dog has pooped at any spot in the home, immediately clean the space and neutralize the smell with the help of an enzyme cleaner.

It is important because the dog may relive at the same spot again. So you need to make him sure that place is not for poop

Give him Reward

You took your dog outdoors, and he relieves him at the required spot. Immediately reward him as it will encourage him. You can give him a treat of his favorite food, rub his belly or pat him.

This is known as positive reinforcement, which greatly helps in dog training.

Remove the Distractions

Your potty-trained dog poops inside the home, which means that there are distractions that do not let him relive outdoor. The best you can do is remove the distractions or try another place that is free of distraction so your dog can fully focus on his business and does not create any mess in the home.

Be Patient and Consistent

Follow all the instructions and tips given above for training your dog. But most important of all is patience and consistency. Your dog may take some time to learn, so be consistent.

Moreover, if your dog poops in the house, do not be harsh on him and never give him punishment; instead, have patience and keep training him till he completely learns.


Following are the queries that arise in the mind of most people

What are the Dangers of Dog Pooping in House?

If dog poop is not properly cleaned, it becomes the breeding place for salmonella and different parasites like hookworm, tapeworm, and ringworm, which spread various infections.

Why is my Dog suddenly Pooping in the House at Night?

If your dog poops suddenly in the house at night, it may signal danger or any health-related issue. So instead of punishing the dog, find out what is triggering him.

Which Spray is Best for Stopping the Dog from Pooping in the House?

Nature’s Miracle House-Breaking Potty Training Spray is specially made for training the dogs to poop at the required place. Dog delicate senses can detect the spray and poop at the spot of drizzle.

To Sum up

By now, you must have taken all the tips on how to train a dog not to poop in the house?

The essence of the above-all discussion is to supervise your dog, take him to the same spot early in the morning, at night, and after regular intervals during the day at the same location and give him long potty breaks.

If he poops at home, clean the mess immediately, and do not punish him; instead, be patient and consistent.

Thank you for your read!

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