How To Stop House Smelling Of Dog – 16 Hacks-2022

It is impossible to spend even a second in dog smell, and you are eager to know how to stop house smelling of dogs. But it is hard to find the most effective and easiest method.

You do not need to worry; I have listed the most effective and easy-to-do methods of eliminating the dog smell. 

Let us start reading!

Why Do Dogs Smell So Bad?

The answer is quick!

It is our dogs’ anal sacs which causes stinkiness and bad odor in our pets.

All of our furry friends have two small scent sacs on their bottoms that act as marking glands, which is why dogs smell rear ends when introduced. If these sacs become infected, it can cause not only the pain in dogs, but also result in a extremely smelly and filthy secretion that remains on the fur and causes really bad odor.

Another cause of smell in dogs is that it exhibits sign that your dog has problems with their anal glands is “scooting,” or dragging their bottom on the ground.

It is recommended to make an appointment with your veterinarian if your dog exhibits this type of behavior.


How to stop house smelling of dog – Tried and Tested Tips

Let me share with you some my very personal tried and tested tipes which keeps my house dog smell free.

Wash the Dog’s Bed Regularly

how to stop house smelling of dog

Your house smells bad because of the dog, and you want to get rid of it. First of all, wash the bed of the dog. An upper cover on the bed can be removed easily and washed in the machine.

However, if the instructions are present for washing the bed, you can even wash it and get rid of pet odor according to the instructions.

However, If it is not possible to wash the dog bed every single day, you can repeat the same activity twice a week. If you have enough budget, you should buy an odor-resistant bed as it will not absorb the smell and maintain the freshness of your home.

Brush his Haircoat

how to stop house smelling of dog

Once you have washed the dog’s bed, it is time to groom the dog. Most dog owners bathe their dogs daily to get rid of the smell. However, it can worsen the situation. It is not recommended to get your dog shower every day. It may lead to hair shedding in dogs too.

You can stop your house from smelling by brushing your hair as it will brush out the dead hair and dead cells that cause the smell. You will feel that now there is no smell in the hair, and the dog also feels comfortable.

If your dog sheds hair frequently, you should brush his hair coat daily.

Check Ears and Teeth

how to stop house smelling of dog

You need to groom your dog if he smells. His hair, ear, and teeth can also make the dog smell very bad.

Brush your dog’s teeth daily, and always use a toothpaste that contains mild ingredients.  

Clean the Paws

how to stop house smelling of dog

The dog’s paws also emanate a smell if not cleaned regularly. So buy a dust absorbent mat and spread it at the door as it will absorb all the dust particles and debris attached to the dog’s paws.

Once he has entered the house, take a small and soft piece of cloth and gently rub his paws to make sure that no smelling thing can enter the house with his paws.

Buy a New Collar

how to stop house smelling of dog

You may think I am exaggerating, but dogs’ collars also have a bad scent. Thus it would help if you washed it regularly to remove all the sweat, dust, and debris attached to it. 

Some dogs love their collars and display proud behavior when they have it around their neck. However, If the collar is old enough, buy a new color. But ensure that it is made of soft and breathable material and must check whether your dog is feeling comfortable with it or not.


Dry the Wet Dog Immediately

how to stop house smelling of dog

Your dog has just come from the swimming pool or taken a bath in the washroom; dry him. There are high chances that wet dog smell gets absorbed in the mats and carpets of the house.

You can use the dryer to dry his hair. However, if he does not like the dryer, take a towel and rub it against him gently to absorb all the moisture.

Mop all Hard Floors of the House

how to stop house smelling of dog

You adopted a pet dog for fun, and now the whole house smells like dog urine. Do not worry; take a mop to remove all the loose debris he spreads.

You must be careful as the dog hair, debris, and dander are very small particles. So mop them gently as they may fly in the air and spread in every corner of the home.

Once you have gathered all the debris, please put it in the trashcan and must keep a piece of newspaper or paper on the trashcan to prevent these particles from coming back into the air.


how to stop house smelling of dog

Once you have cleaned the hard floor of your home, now you need to be fully focused on cleaning the carpets. Large amounts of dog hair, debris, and dander are entangled in the carpets and rugs.

Turn on the vacuum and suck the debris from every inch of the carpets and rugs. Now attach the suitable attachments to clean the furniture and curtains.

Vacuuming everything daily is not the best solution to eliminate the dog smell; thus, buy carpets and rugs specially designed for people with pets like dogs and cats in their homes. Similarly, it would be best if you bought a pet vacuum. 

Steam Clean the Carpets

how to stop house smelling of dog

Vacuum only sucks dry debris from the carpet, and to remove to smell of the dog, you need to steam clean the carpets.

However, if you do not have enough time to steam clean the carpets, you must hire professionals to clean them and give them instructions to use pet-friendly chemicals.

While cleaning the carpets, take your dog away for a while, and do not let him enter the home until all the carpets are dry.

If your dog marks his territory, keep an eye on him as he may urinate due to changes in the odors of the carpet.

Wash all Lines

how to stop house smelling of dog

Home fibers such as pillow covers, couch cushion covers, bed linen, or anything else can start smelling, and you need to wash them.

Use a detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals and mix it with hot water if you have surety that hot water will not damage the clothes being washed.

Once you have washed all the clothes and they are neat and clean. Let them dry completely before putting them back in their places.

How do you get the pet smell out of the house? It is impossible to get rid of the smell completely till you wash every cloth of your home if the order problem is very severe.

Wash the clothes you wear while being in contact with the dog in 2-3 rounds and let them dry. 

Let the Fresh Air Come in

how to stop house smelling of dog

You can improve the environment of your home by letting in the fresh air. So open every window and door of your home so air can travel freely. Moreover, it would help if you turned on all fans of the home

However, it isn’t easy to do in summers and winters. But you must use this trick in mild weather and take care of your dog during the aeration process as the dog may run away from the opened front door.

Use an Air Purifier

how to stop house smelling of dog

Air purifiers are designed to pull out the dust, debris, and germs from the home so that home can smell fresh. Thus it would help if you bought an air purifier to eliminate pet smells specially designed for pet odor.

Moreover, invest in a high-quality cleaner as it will not only throw out the debris but also bacteria and fungi that can cause different infections and diseases in humans and animals.

Above all, after installing the air purifier in your home, you will see that no your home members and dog do not become the victim of infectious diseases.

Do Forensic Analysis with UV Flashlight Black Light – Best for Pet Urine Detection

how to stop house smelling of dog

You have tried all the methods mentioned above, but none of them is working for you, and if there is still a dog smell in your home, you need a high-tech solution.

Arrange black light as saliva, urine, and other fluids glow in dark light; this is how you can find the smelly spots that were not visible before. The use of UV light will surely make you remove all those stains and you may then stop worrying about how to stop house smelling of dog.

How to use UV Light?

Before detecting body fluids, you need to practice how UV light is used. Following are instructions you need to follow for detection

  1. Turn off the lights of the room
  2. Move the light away from the carpet to find the fluid spots
  3. Must scan furniture and lower walls to make sure that no spot has been missed
  4. The blue light will cause other fluids to flow, for example, cold drinks and residual cleansing products but all these fluids glow white
  5. However, urine and saliva shine from pale yellow to green

Use Odor-Sealing Paints

how to stop house smelling of dog

You will see that urine stains are not only on the floor but also on the lower walls of the home. Getting the smell out of the drywall is more difficult than from the bed.

The best solution to remove these stains from the wall is using color and odor sealing paint primer, which is specially designed for this problem and proves very effective.

These paints can also remove the urine smell from the wooden furniture and floor.

Perfume Pads

how to stop house smelling of dog

It is impossible to remove all the dog odor from home with sprays and perfumes and you are thinking how to stop house smelling of dog. However, this is the quickest trick you can use to eliminate smells when guests are coming over.

It would help if you were warned about one thing the sprays you are using do not contain harsh chemicals; instead, they should have pet and kid-friendly ingredients.

Moreover, before using these perfumes and sprays, take your pet outside for a while so that spray can settle in the air.

Scented candles, pet-friendly air fresheners, potpourri baskets, and many other products keep the dog’s smell out of the house. Please always keep these things away from the access of your pets and kids. 

Solve the Secure Point Problem

how to stop house smelling of dog
Source: Amazon

You have done all the cleaning, but still, there is a dog smell. You must be looking for how to get rid of the dog smell in the house. While cleaning, you must have missed a spot, and you should find it.

It is a tough job, but once you have found that point, neutralize the smell with homemade sprays or commercial odor eliminators.

How to make DIY Odor Eliminator?

Follow the given instruction for a DIY odor eliminator and then you can forget about how to stop house smelling of dog.

Method 1
  1. Take a clean spray bottle
  2. Add 2 cups of white apple cider vinegar to it
  3. Now add 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  4. Add enough water
  5. Mix the solution thoroughly and spray it on the smelly spot
Method 2
  1. Take equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle
  2. Mix the solution thoroughly
  3. Now put a few drops of dish soap into the spray bottle
  4. Use it to neutralize all the smelly spots present in the home.

Once you have prepared the DIY spray, check it’s working on the corner of the carpet and see if it causes any discoloration. If you use it without testing, you may end up discoloring the carpet from the mid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell if your House Smells like a Dog?

When we live in certain smells for a long time, we become nose blind. So move away from your home for a while and sense the smell as soon as you come back to your home.

Likewise, you can smell coffee to regain your sense of selling or ask someone for an opinion.

How do you Get the Dog Smell out of the House Naturally?

There is different DIY spray you can use for neutralizing the dog smell. The best you can do is mix an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water and then a few drops of dish soap. Spray it on the dirty spots and get rid of the dog smell. 

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell without a Bath?

Following are the ways to get rid of dog smell without bathing him

  1. Brush his hair.
  2. Clean the paws, ears, and teeth.
  3. Clean his coat with dry shampoo.
  4. Perfume him.

To Sum up

By reading this post, you must have gripped on how to stop house smelling of dog. You can get rid of the dog smell by cleaning him regularly and must wash his bed to remove the smell of saliva and pee. Now it is the turn of hard floor, carpet, and curtains.

First, vacuum everything, then steam clean the rugs and carpet. However, if you still cannot remove smells, use a back light to identify the spots and clean them with a commercial cleaner or DIY spray. You can hire a professional cleaner and get rid of the dog smell.

Thank you for your visit!

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