How to Keep Dog Warm in Garage in Winter | An Ultimate Guide 2022

E‍very dog lover wants to know how to keep dog warm in garage in winter? Keeping a dog warm in the garage isn’t always easy. After all, it’s usually a cold space that isn’t insulated or heated. However, as with most things, there are ways to keep a dog warm in the garage, and they involve some common household objects. There is no special trick to making sure your dog stays nice and cozy in the garage. It is more about using what you have and thinking outside of the box.  keep a dog warm in the garage and remain comfortable yourself.

How to keep dog warm in garage in winter with Insulation

Insulation is an excellent way to keep a dog warm in the garage. You can make sure there are no drafts by adding insulation to the walls and ceiling. If you are lucky enough to have an insulated garage, then you can skip this step. However, if you don’t have an insulated garage, you can add insulation to the walls and ceiling at a low cost. Insulation can be expensive, but you can find deals on insulation during sales and clearance events.

Insulation types for garages

There are three insulation types available that can be used for keeping dog warm in garage.

Fiberglass Insulation

how to keep dog warm in garage in winter

The best way of keeping dog warm in garage is the use of fiberglass insulation. You can find the fiberglass insulation batts on amazon and on costco and can buy one according to your garage area. By using the fiberglass insulation you can keep warm the dog space in winter. Here are the advantages of using fiberglass insulation for your garage.


  • Best recommended for garage and attic application
  • Available in different sizes
  • Keep the cold or hot away from your furry friend in the garage
  • They usually have kraft paper attached for moisture control

Cellulose Insulation

Another idea for keeping dog warm in garage is using the cellulose insulation. It is yet another best way of heating dog space in garage in winter. Cellulose insulation is multipurpose insulation is natural and completely nonirritating. This easy-to-use insulation can be cut or torn to fit pipes and ducts, walls in between joists, etc. You can use cellulose insulation for filling in the place from where you have doubt that chilly air, rain or even snow can make your garage cold for your furry friend.


  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • No warning or precautions necessary; can be handled/installed with no need for gloves, goggles, masks.

Spray foam insulation

how to keep dog warm in garage in winter

Spray foam insulation is another best way to protect your garage from the winter effects. It is great for fixing thin spots or awkwards spots where fiberglass wouldn’t stay. The spray foam insulation is best for heat and sound insulation for dog space in garage.
It gives you approximately 5.6 R-value per inch thickness. It provides a unique thermal insulation application without junctures, seams, and gaps. You can apply the thicker value of insulation form in the places where to think heat or cold may affect your dog space in garage.


  • Quick cure time
  • Best for insulating crawl spaces, garages, shed and almost all the places you think for
  • Not heavy on pockets

Keep a dog warm in the garage with flooring

keeping dog warm in garage
My big Boston loves her bed ❤️

The floor is one of the biggest factors in keeping a dog warm in the garage. Since most garages have concrete floors, they can be very cool. This is because concrete is a very poor insulator. So, if you want to keep a dog warm in the garage, you can insulate the floor. You can do this with a rug or rug mat that you can get at any store. If you have a dog that likes eating things off the floor, you can use a rubber mat that they cannot eat. You can also use a throw rug, but they can be chewed up and swallowed by dogs.

Keep a dog warm in the garage with puppy lighting


You may not think about lighting when you are trying to keep a dog warm in the garage. However, it is a huge factor. The first thing to consider is if you want to install lights or use lights that are already in the garage. If you would like new lighting, you can choose heating lights and lamps for puppies. If you would like to keep the lights that are already in your garage, you can pick up some inexpensive shades to cover them. This will cut down on the amount of light shining into the garage, keeping a dog warm in the garage.

Keep a dog warm in the garage with dog heating pads

keeping dog warm in garage
Keeps our fur babies warm!

Dog heating pads is another great idea for keeping dog warm in garage. Dog heated pet mats are available in different sizes that can accomodate  a wide range of pets,including medium and large dogs. They are suitable for senior dogs, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. These heating pad or heated mats are a great help for pets to keep them healthy and comfortable.

The pet heating pads take approximately 10 minutes to heat up. They have adjustable mode i.e. 30W-60W and have a “just turn on” feature. You can adjust the temperature up to 104℉ with high/low level according to the cold level in your garage. You can set the High setting for heating the dog mat,and it should be used at LOW setting for long periods. The electric heating mats for dogs keep pets steady warm at night time in the garage. Even if your garage is cold in winters, but then you ultimately know how to keep your dog warm in garage in winter with the help of heating pads or mats.


Keep a dog warm in the garage with a small space heater

keeping dog warm in garage

Space heaters are an excellent way to keep a dog warm in the garage. These are great because they are portable, inexpensive, and super easy to use. Since they plug into an outlet, you do not have to worry about them causing a fire or leaking gas. However, you will want to keep an eye on your dog around the heater. Dogs are curious creatures, and they will want to investigate it. You don’t want them to burn their paws or tongues on the heating element. If you think your dog might try to chew or eat something near the heater, you can put it on a shelf out of reach.


Keep a dog warm in the garage with snuggle blankets

keeping dog warm in garage

Blankets are a classic way to keep a dog warm in the garage. If you have a dog who likes to snuggle, this is a great option. If you have dogs who are not allowed on the furniture, you can put blankets on the couch in the garage. You can also use a blanket to cover the couch or bed that you are sleeping on in the garage. If you use blankets to keep a dog warm in the garage, make sure they are washable. Dogs often bring dirt and mud into the house on their fur, so blankets are a great option for keeping them clean.


Dogs that can handle cold

Not all dogs can handle cold and chilly weather. But yeah, these five dogs have high tolerance for cold and icy water.

how to keep dog warm in garage in winter

Expert tips to keep your dog warm

We’ve compiled a list of tips from experts to keep your pet warm during the winter. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we hope it will provide you with a starting point to prepare for the harsh winter weather. Keep your dog safe and warm this winter!

It’s important to know when it’s too cold

Being a caring dog owner, you should know how cold is “TOO COLD” for your furry friend. Below chart sets out the temparature, which you need keep an eye on.

Feed them appropriately

keeping dog warm in garage
My beagle loves it!

Feed your dog properly. Dogs make them warmth in winters with eating foods. There are many types of dog foods available in the market, such as fish, proteins and chicken recipes. You can buy any dog food that is your pet’s favorite and according to their health and wieght management. Providing them a little bit extra food can make them warmth and protect them from harsh chilly weather.

Extra bedding can make the difference

keeping dog warm in garage
My 65lb senior Staffordshire / pit bull terrier is currently snoring away in her new bed.

Their usual snuggle blankets may become insufficient for them, if your dogs have thin coat and low resistent for cold weather. Therefore, in order to protect them from cold and chilly weather, provide them with extra bedding and snuggle blankets.

Buy them dog sweaters

keeping dog warm in garage
A medium size fits perfectly for my 14-lbs rat terrier.

Since you love your pet like your baby, so do spend a few bucks on them buying them beautiful sweaters, so they look cute and also get the desired warmth.

Protect their paws

how to keep dog warm in garage in winter
Great solution for our snow hating pooch

Dogs may get cold from their paws. Therefore, it is recommended, don’t leave their paws naked. Here are two products that can come to rescue:

  • Skinny fit dog leggings, booties, socks and shoes

These all in one item is available on amazon and other platforms. You can buy according to your dog size. These booties will protect your pet from cold and hot weather. This small investment will surely make a difference.

  • Dog paw balm

The dog paw balm kseep frosty paws protected in the snow and ice. This all-natural blend of hydrating oils will keep paws smooth even when the weather is rough. It also heals damaged paws.

Keep his sleeping place indoor

dog in garage during winter
This bed is great, I don’t want to lay anywhere without it. I used to lay on my elevated bed without this soft and fluffy wonderous creation my Mom and Dad bought me

In winters, make your pet sleep indoor. He should not spend his night outside, as chances are wide, that he will catch the cold. Therefore, keep your dog in garage during winter.

Insulate all the drafts and holes in the garage

Fill all the holes and drafts for keeping dog warm in garage. There should not be any place, from where the cold wind can hit your dog. You can use any of the insulation method mentioned above for providing warmth to dog in garage during winter.

Use dog supplements to boost immunity

how to keep dog warm in garage in winter

Provide your dogs with supplements to boost their immunity against cold weather. You can select one with the consultation your dog veterinarian. These will not only strengthen their joints and liver, but also help them to stay comfortable in cold weather.


How cold is too cold for your pet?

I say, dog is the other human. Like us they have different resistent level against cold weather. There are some factors that affect the dog’s tolerance against the cold level.


Hypothermia in Dogs – Signs

For dogs, hypothermia occurs when their core body temperature gets to 88°F or lower.

Keep an eye on the following signs, if your dog gets cold. He may have been a victim of hypothermia.

  • Rapid breathing – followed by the slower and shallower breathing progressively
  • Increased heart rate – followed by slower heart rate
  • Delayed reflexes
  • Lethargy
  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Whinning and stumbling
  • Pale skin
  • Pale gums
  • Sluggishness & Curled up

Seek medical help immediately for your dog if you see any of the above mention signs.


By now you may have a detailed idea on how to keep dog warm in garage in winter. Keeping dog warm in garage is easy if you pay close attention to your dog health. You can use insulation to seal off drafts, and you can add an extra rug or blanket to keep your dog warm. You can also use lighting to cut down on the amount of light that comes into the garage and a small space heater to keep your dog warm. By following the above mentioned tips you can go an extra mile and keep your dog safe and healthy in chilly weather.

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