How to Get a Dog to Stop Peeing in the House?| 2022

You are fed up with cleaning the dog pee and eager to know how to get a dog to stop peeing in the house. Different factors may cause your dog to pee in the home even if you have trained him.

You can keep the dog from peeing at home by discovering why he pees everywhere. Read on to know the common reasons for a dog peeing at unacceptable places and tips to stop him from peeing indoors.

Why Do Dogs Pee in the Home?

Here is the list of the most common problems due to which dogs continue to pee in the house.

  • Urinary Tract Issues

If your dog has started peeing in the house or at an unacceptable place, it can be because of urinary tract infections. It is the most common cause of peeing in the house and the most common health problem the dogs face.

Please do not be angry with your dog and take him to a certified vet. He will ask you to bring a sample of the dog urine as it is then cultured for analysis and checking the growth of bacteria.

If there is confirmation of infection, start the treatment of the dog with antibiotics. However, in some cases, the disease can be serious. For example, your dog may be suffering from cystitis, the crystal in urine, bladder stones, structural abnormalities, tumors, etc.

Most issues can be treated by changing the diet, medications, and supplements, but surgery is sometimes required.

You are lucky enough; if your dog has no urinary tract infection, you must see other reasons for peeing in the house.

  • Incontinence

Urinary tract incontinence is common in adult dogs, and it is very rare for small dogs to suffer from it. However, if your dog leaves urine puddles in the bed, leaks, or dribbling, he may suffer from incontinence.

However, if the dog is peeing in large amounts consciously in different parts of the house, he is not suffering from incontinence, and you need to get him checked properly for bladder infection.

As many health problems cause urine issues in dogs. For example, dogs may suffer from kidney diseases, diabetes, and Cushing’s.

Thus it would help if you got multiple tests done to diagnose the infection, and then medication will start.

  • Dog is Aging

When the dogs are growing old, they may have dementia; thus, they start forgetting things. In many cases, dogs forget the home training to pee and even forget where they live.

Thus if you are observing the pee problem in your dog, you need to get him checked properly at the early stage. Dementia can be treated easily with medicines at an earlier scene. 

However, if not controlled on time, you cannot treat dementia. Most people who have old dogs use doggie diapers or line the dog bedding with absorbent pads to avoid pee in all regions of the house. Your senior dog peeing in the house is not an usual thing though.

  • Behavioral Problem

You took your dog to the vet, he properly diagnosed the dog and tested him, and there is nothing in the reports. It means that there is no health issue with your dog.

Your dog is peeing in the house because of a behavioral problem between you and the dog. Most male dogs show marking behavior, and sex hormones drive it.

However, dogs make it a habit even after they have altered. Submission and excitement urination is another cause of dog peeing in the house. It is usually because the dog is shy or fearful of someone; thus, the dog pees.

Similarly, stress and anxiety also cause the dog to pee. Examine the situation of your home and see if there is someone with whom the dog is not comfortable and pees in his presence.

You must also consider this issue if you have kept a new dog. Is there a new addition to your family like a baby? Did any member of your house pass away? 

However, this condition of your dog can also be because of other reasons. For example, maybe your dog has seen any other dog outside, or a construction project is happening in your surroundings.

  • Poor Training

You have checked all the above reasons, and nothing matches your dog’s situation. It means your dog has been trained poorly, and you must retrain him.

Your dog may be trained in a condition where he could not understand the trainer clearly. Or the training region was full of distractions. Similarly, it can be because of the unprofessional trainer. 

How to Get a Dog to Stop Peeing in the House?

Do not bear your dog peeing all over the house, so look for the tips given below that will stop your dog from peeing in the home.

  • Spray or Neuter your Dog

Infact dogs pee here and there, which can be very problematic for you. Thus if you want to stop puppies peeing in-home, get them to spray or neuter.

It will eliminate this behavior; however, old dogs need other treatments for controlling pee as they have made it their habit to pee at home.

  • Retrain your Dog

You have a puppy, and he pees in the home everywhere. It would help if you retrained him. However, if your old dog pees all over the home, you can solve the issue by revisiting the house training.

You should be patient, consistent, and careful in training your dog; constant supervision is the only way to stop accidents. 

Take your puppy outdoors often, at least every two hours, especially in the morning, the night before bed, and after a meal. Please take him to the same spot daily.

Moreover, when he is relieving himself, you should use specific words so he can train himself and learn to go on command.

Most important of all must praise him after all this as it will encourage him. Moreover, if you want to give him pee training properly, never use pads as they will teach him to pee everywhere, and your dog won’t stop peeing.

Similarly, during training dog may pee at home, so after an accident, do not yell at him, and if you see him doing so, clap or give other gestures so he can understand that it is not ok.

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Another method of training your dog is the umbilical cord method. You keep the tied to yourself on the leash to supervise him better. As time passes, give him freedom.

If you are housebreaking a dog, you need to feed him at a predictable time so you will have an idea of his potty schedule. It is very important for dogs as they are creatures of habit and live a scheduled life.

However, if your dog has misinterpreted the place of pee and he pees at the same home, put his food and water there as he will never pee at the place of his food. You need to make sure, he pees at his dedicated place, otherwise, you may find your dog peeing all over the house.

This is how we need to train him for a few weeks until the dogs keep peeing inside. However, if you have a busy schedule and cannot supervise him, confine him.

  • Give many Potty Breaks

Why will my dog not stop peeing in the house? It is because you are not giving him enough potty breaks. The possibility to the hold as long as possible depends on the age, breed, and size of the dog

It does not matter how much the bladder limit of the dog you need to give him a lot of potty breaks as accidents will occur as soon as the limit ends. If you have a puppy, you need to take him outside every hour.

Add one hour as he is growing old. In short, the potty break for a young dog should be after 6-8hours. However, if the senior dog is urinating in the house, you should give him a break after every 4-6 hours. Your house may be smelling due to its consistent peeing habit, therefore, you must know the hacks of how to stop house smelling of dog?

  • Analyze his Behavior

You need to pay attention to your dog’s peeing pattern as it will lead you to the cause of the peeing. Now try making small changes in the routine and environment of the dog to see if he has stopped peeing in the house or if such mishaps are reduced.

Similarly, if you have observed that a dog marks the area of every new thing in your house, you need to change its position. Does not introduce a lot of new things at once in the home.

Likewise, you observe that your dog becomes anxious by certain noises, then try to mask those sounds using music. 

  • Seek Professional Assistance

Dog pees all over the house, and you have retrained him and tried other methods, but nothing is working for you. It will help if you visit a vet behaviorist.

He will ask you different questions to fully understand the dog’s behavior and analyze it himself. Once the analysis is done, he will guide you about other behavior modification techniques with or without medicines.

Follow his instructions and make appointments regularly until the dog starts feeling better and stops peeing everywhere. 

  • Confine him in your Absence

If you leave them unsupervised, your young and old dogs will keep peeing in the home. So before going home, confided them in a small area, for example, a crate, store room, or any other small room.

There should be enough space for the dog to move, sit and lie down. Now you will see that dogs will not pee there as dogs tend to keep their eating place neat and clean. This is how you can get a dog and a home free of pee.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement

dog won't stop peeing

When your dog potty or pee outdoor, give him a prize. For example, you can give him a treat or rub his belly. This will encourage the dog to go outdoors to pee and potty. To stop your dog peeing all over the house, bring his favorite toy and give him, once he does it in his potty place or outdoor.

However, ensure you reward him on the spot as the dog may confuse the prize with another act, which can be problematic for you. it is in your best interest to refrain your dog peeing in the house.


Following are the queries that arise in the minds of the most people

What can I Spray to Keep my Dog from Peeing in the House?

You can use different sprays to keep the dog from peeing in the house. For example, Nature’s Miracle and Rocco & Roxie Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator are the best artificial sprays.

Furthermore, you can make a DIY spray for keeping the dog from peeing in the home, such as vinegar spray, baking soda mixed water, or hydrogen peroxide.

How to Stop Dog Peeing in Home at Night?

Here are the tips to help you stop dog urinating in the house at night.

  1. Take him to  a walk
  2. Give him enough time to exercise
  3. Clean space for the urination
  4. Set a safe place for him
  5. Visit a certified vet

Why is my Female Dog Peeing in the House?

Harmone-responsive incontinence

The common reason, your female dog is peeing in the house is hormone-responsive incontinence, which is common for female dogs. Your female dog can urinate properly but may leak urine while resting. Hormone-responsive incontinence can occur months to years after a pet is neutered.

Vulvovaginal stenosis

Another less commonreason for incontinence in female dog is Vulvovaginal stenosis. It is a condition in which the vagina at the level where the urethra ends is narrowed. When the pet urinates, some urine will get trapped in the vagina in front of this narrowed area. Then when they rise after lying down the urine pours out.

Why is My Dog Peeing in the Home when the Door is Opened?

It is because your dog is anxious about going outside, and there is something that fears your dog. For example, he may be afraid of other dogs or the noise of the surroundings. Therefore, the dogs continue to pee in the house. 


The essence of the above discussion is that you need to analyze your dog’s behavior and surroundings and get his medical health check-up to know why the dog is peeing everywhere. 

So, if your dog won’t stop peeing in the house then it is surely a medical concern. Immediately start its treatment. However, if your dog needs training, train him or hire a professional. 

You have to supervise him, schedule his eating and potty time, and give him enough potty breaks. You have a busy lifestyle and do not have enough time to handle him, so confine him in a small space.

If something is still bothering you, feel free to ask in the comment below.

Thank you for your read!

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