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How to Compliment Someone’s Dog?- 4 Heartwarming Methods -

How to Compliment Someone’s Dog?- 4 Heartwarming Methods

Dogs interpret the actions of a person and respond to them. Many people make mistakes in praising dogs, due to which dogs get offended and attack. You must be mindful of your body language, words, and intentions while admiring a dog.

In this article, we will get over exactly how to compliment someone’s dog step by step.

Let us start!

4 Methods of how to compliment someone’s dog

Read on to know how to compliment someone’s dog and the best compliment for the dog.

Use Admiring Words

Say ‘good boy’ or ‘good dog.’ Make sure you have a soft and loving tone because dogs can analyze whether you are praising them with all your heart or not.

Following are a few cute comments for dogs on tinder

  • My best and most charming friend has four legs
  • Dogs are my favorite pets
  • Dogs complete our life
  • I will always woof you
  • Thanks for the beautiful memories
  • What a gorgeous looking boy
  • He looks healthy and has white teeth
  • You are so smart
  • He is such a cute puppy

Serve his Favorite Food

how to compliment someone's dog

Similarly, dogs feel very beloved and acclaimed when you offer them something to eat in return for a good act. You can ask the dog owner about his favorite foods and serve him that food.

There are 2 best dry foods for dogs:

Purina Beyond Superfood Blend Wild-Caught Salmon, Egg, and Pumpkin Recipe (3.7-lb bag)

This is the best food for dogs as it contains 26% protein, 16%fat and 4% fiber. In short, it has all nutritional values. Moreover, according to veterinarian and board-certified veterinary nutritionist Megan Shepherd, a clinical assistant professor of nutrition at Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, dry food is the most stable, compact, and economical food.

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Real Beef and Brown Rice Recipe (25-lb. bag)

Beef and pork are its main ingredients; beyond them, there are many ingredients, for example, carrots, carbohydrates, apples, rice, barley, and quinoa.

It is the best dry weight for a dog having an average body weight, and one cup contains 386 kcal.

Pat him

Dogs love patting and cuddling; thus, rub your hand on his bell to make him loved and praised. Furthermore, you can scratch your fingers behind his ears.

If you do not have much interaction with dogs, you must first learn how to make a dog comfortable with you. Follow the steps given below for approaching and patting him:

Talk with the Owner

Dogs trust those persons who have a good relationship with their owners, so have a friendly conservation with their owners for 5 minutes. Make sure your tone is sweet and friendly.

Meanwhile, please do not pay any attention to the dog so he can accept your presence and become comfortable with you. 

Talk about the Dog

Now, ask the owner about the dog and gather all information about him. For example, you can ask whether the dog likes to be patted on the back or not. Similarly, you must talk about the history of dogs because stray dogs and adopted dogs have many differences in behavior.

Most importantly, ask the owner about his pet’s nature as some dogs are very shy and do not allow anybody to touch them. Praise his attitude and give compliments to dog owners.

Stay Calm

Try to be as calm as possible because when you approach dogs with excitement, they become hyperactive, often resulting in fight and flight situations—that is why it is recommended to be calm and serene.

Avoid Direct Eye Contact

The dog may feel threatened by direct eye contact, so you must avoid it. You can look at the side or other parts of the dog while approaching a dog and relax him.

Sidle up the Dog

Do not move or approach the dogs from the front side because dogs feel threatened.  So always move towards it from the side. It would help if you mimicked its actions to make him feel comfortable.

Kneel to the Dogs Level

Now kneel to the dog’s level but make sure you are not facing toward it. Do not change your posture and look at the dog with warmness and love.

Let the dog be comfortable with your presence and wait for a few seconds until he becomes comfortable.

Offer your Closed Hands

If the dog is comfortable with you, he will look at you quickly and wags its tail. Now move your closed hands towards him for sniffing and remain calm. Never carry your open hands as they feel aggressive to dogs.

Gently Pat the Dog

Once you feel that dog is entirely comfortable with you, pet him on his chest for a few seconds and avoid eye contact.

Some people make the mistake of patting the head due to dog offends and attacks.

Present him Gifts

If you want to know how to compliment someone’s dog, present him with gifts. Following are the best gifts for the dogs.

Chunky ultra-small balls

According to Shelby, the founder of Shelby Semel Dog Training center, balls help keep the dog active mentally and physically, especially if a dog lives primarily indoors.

Chuckit Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower

It will be the dog’s favorite toy, and it is best for sensitive dogs because they will not touch the ball themselves.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush, Jumbo

It has squeaky squirrels that keep dogs busy for hours. Thus, his owner will also be happy with this gift. It is a 2-in-1 toy as a dog can roll it on the floor and play the game of finding and taking out the squirrels from its holes.

Moreover, it is made of soft and durable material that will not damage a dog’s teeth. 

When to stay away from the dog

Here are the situations when you should back off from the dog; otherwise, the results can be dangerous. 

If he is eating

Never move close to a dog when he is eating because he may interpret that you will take his food. Please wait for a few minutes until he finishes his food.

If he is overexcited

You move close to a dog to pat him, but you see that dog is not happy with it and start biting your hands and jumping on you. Immediately move away from the dog, leave him and cross your arms to make him relax. Sometimes, the dog may nibble when he is overexcited, so that moment, you may need to stay away from him.

Read on to know the reason for why does a dog nibble?

If the dog is uninterested

Many observable signs can help you know whether the dog is in the mood to interact or not. 

  1. Growling
  2. Bared teeth
  3. Flattened ears
  4. Aggressive eye contact
  5. Crouching with muscles tensed and tail stiff
  6. Raised hair on the back

If you see any sign in a dog, give him space and respect his will. Otherwise, dogs get irritated and tend to attack.


Beyond how to compliment someone’s dog, there must be many other queries in your mind. Here I have subjected all of them one by one

When should you praise a dog?

When you see a dog doing is good, you should compliment him immediately. Giving an immediate response will let the dog enjoy the whole moment and motivate him.

Is there any benefit to praising a dog?

Surprisingly dogs like compliments more than a food reward, and they feel motivated. Moreover, dogs learn how to react to a compliment with time. For example, some wage their tail and give kisses and cuddles.

What are the loving words you can use for dogs?

It is not necessary to call a dog by its name. You can use other beautiful words to call them and make them feel affectionate toward you.

Here is the list of fancy words to help you know how to compliment a dog’s name.

  1. Doggy
  2. Hound
  3. Pooch
  4. Tyke
  5. Canine

Do Dogs love to be admired?

Like humans, dogs love to be praised by someone and feel very happy. You can guess the love of dogs for appraisement from the experiment that inferred out of 15 dogs, only 2 preferred food over love.

How to Compliment a Guy and his dog?

You can say, ‘You have trained your dog very well, and your dog is a good boy.’

How to Compliment a Girl and her dog?

You can pass comments like ‘The pet is cuter than his owner,’ then smile and say, ‘You are beautiful too!’. It will make the girl feel happy.

To Sum up

In a nutshell, there are four ways of praising a dog. The simplest method is to call him fancy words and honor him. Secondly, you can offer him something healthy to eat. Thirdly, you can pat him; however, it can be complex.

Because some dogs are shy, follow the steps mentioned above to approach a dog for patting and pass compliments to dog owners. Finally, you can gift him toys as dogs love to play with toys; moreover.

If you have any queries about how to compliment someone’s dog, feel free to ask in the below comment section.

Thank you for your visit!

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