Why Do Dogs Ears Pop | Get Relieved in 8 Ultimate Ways

Do dogs ears pop when there is a change in altitude?

We all have ever experienced ear popping and the blocked sensation while on flight or driving in the mountains and its quite uncomfortable for us. But, do we know that our furry friend also experiences the same when he is on board with us.

Why do dog ears pop in high altitude?

Dogs cannot tell us why their ears are feeling unusual on the plane. But in fact they may be feeling the same ear popping feeling as we do. The pressure in the ear rises with elevation and when the eardrum is stretched, it can cause popping or hissing sounds, which might be uncomfortable for some dogs and painful for others.

Scientific explanation for ear popping in dogs and humans at high altitude

The scientific reason for ear popping in your dog on the plane is that the pressure in ears increases on altitude.

When your dog on the plane experiences a change in air pressure, his Eustachian tube should get widened to equalize the pressure within the middle ear. Before this happens, your pup will have that uncomfortable feeling of fullness in the ear and muffled hearing — which the widening typically called popping eventually relieves. This can cause discomfort or pain for him.

This change in pressure can cause the eardrum to pop and the air pressure in the ear canal to increase which gives the popping or hissing sounds. In dogs, it is rare for the ear drum to rupture on ascent but this could happen if other medical conditions exist that put pressure on the eardrum.

However, popping of ears does not always mean there is a problem. Ear popping may be associated with altitude sickness in some dogs.

Do dogs ears pop on planes?

Did you know that when an airplane climbs to a higher altitude, dogs and other animals may experience ear popping? This is because the air pressure changes and can cause their eardrums to rupture. While it may not be as pleasurable for them as it is for us, it’s still a natural process. So, now we know why do dogs ears pop on planes.

But this may cause discomfort in our furry puppies and they may startle.

This ear popping is likely to take place when the airplane takes off or land. However, there are several ways, we can save our dogs from this discomfort, which are mentioned below.

Signs of ear popping in dogs

Your dogs ears might be popping in the plane, if you see following signs in your pup.

  • Your favorite canine might be yawning (to avoid ear popping).
  • He might be drooling
  • He might be anxious, and stressful
  • He might be barking a lot

Dogs do suffer from altitude sickness

Dogs ears are really sensitive to sound and also highly sensitive to the changes in the elevation. So, there are high chances, that they are prone to the altitude sickness. The altitude sickness may cause them nausea, rapid breathing, heart panting or even fatigue.

Vet recommends that we should gradually expose our furry friends to the change in the elevation. This will allow adequate time for their ear to get accustomed to air pressure changes.

It is recommended to take your pup to low elevation, if any of the symptom appears and an expert vet will be a great help in this case.

What are the Symptoms of Altitude Sickness in Dogs?

The symptoms of altitude sickness in dogs may change and the dog will take on the following characteristics.

The dog gets more anxious, starts panting heavily. He may feel very pale in color with frequent yawns or excessive drooling. The ear discomfort causes a high-pitched beeping sound, which causes rapid changes in the dogs ears in altitude sickness. He may have a high-pitched barking and the ear popping is of the pop, whip or crackle type that comes on ear in altitude sickness, which do not accompany any pain region in dog’s body

How to relieve you dog from ear popping – tips and tricks

By now, we all have known that why do dogs ears pop on the planes or on high altitude. It is a freaking sensation for your pup and you surely wants to relief him from ear popping. Here are some tips and tricks that can help.

Tip 1: Give them the chewy toy

why do dog ear pop

Ear popping can be relieved with a chewy toy. This will induce the jaw movements and the chewing will help forcing the air through the inner air passage, allowing pressure to equalize easily. Keeping a chewy toy on board with you will save your canine from popping pain and discomfort.

Tip 2: Make them wear earmuffs

why do dogs ear pop

Earmuffs may not help with ear popping, but may save your canine fro*-m noise, stress and anxiety of ear popping. These also look cute on your furry friends.

Tip 3: Rub your pups’ ears

Just like you rub your babies ears when they teeth, do the same with your pup. Afterall, they are also your babies.

Tip 4: Elevate their bed

If the ear popping is occurring on high altitude, it may help to elevate their bed. Generally raising the dog’s pillow or placing a carrot on the middle of the elevated surface will do in many cases.

Tip 5: Keep your pup near you

It is recommended to keep your pup near you, love him and make him feel secure. This will reduce the discomfort and anxiety in your pup on board.

Tip 6: Sedate him

Most veterinarians recommend against sedation for dogs traveling by air. As a general rule of thumb, At high elevations, it may cause a variety of unforeseen consequences, including possible respiratory and cardiovascular issues. It also makes your dog more confused and unable to brace themselves in turbulent conditions, posing an increased risk of accidents.

Tip 7: Take them for walks in low elevation

This might be one of the easier things that you can do since dogs ears and lungs are fairly adapted to changes in elevation.

Tip 8: Provide the appropriate earsize toy

If the dog ear popping is from an over-sizing toy, it may help to provide the appropriate earsize toy.

Tip 9: Get your dog from the car or plane to the vet

As soon as you notice ear popping in your pet, it’s important to get them checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Many times dogs will just pop their ears due to the altitude change and changes in pressure on planes or in cars on high elevation roads.

Tip 10: Use dog carrier for your puppies

Make sure the environment is comfortable for them.

Cloudy planes can make ears pop more often due to the change in pressure on planes. If your dog ear pops frequently on planes and long car trips, try taking them in a carrier or putting a pillow in their crate.


In this post, we have answered the query, “do dogs ears pop” and why do dog ears pop on planes. Dogs ears pop during the changes in altitude on planes, in high elevation vehicles going up mountains and any change from low to high pressure air. If the ears pop in your dogs in planes, it’s best to check with a vet on altitude changes on planes and cars since dogs are more susceptible at high elevation.

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