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Can dogs eat deviled eggs? (Answered!) -

Can dogs eat deviled eggs? (Answered!)

Deviled eggs are everyone’s favourite. Their speciality is that they don’t last on the table very long on any occasion. As much as we love to eat them, our furry friends also love to munch on them.

That’s why I decided to find out can dogs eat deviled eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat deviled eggs, but only if they are made with dog friendly ingredients. Avoid the typical ingredients, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, onion and other spices as these can upset their stomach. The quantity served should be limited. 

If you are wanting to prepare deviled eggs for your dog, but aren’t sure or need to know if they are safe to give it to your dog, we’ve got it covered in this article.

Can dogs eat deviled eggs?

The answer is yes. Generally, deviled eggs are a safe treat for your dog, but if you avoid the ingredients that can irritate or harm your dog. They can turn out to be a great OCCASSIONAL snack for your dog, if you do not tend to overdo it. 

What are the dog friendly deviled eggs?

can dogs eat deviled eggs

Dog friendly deviled eggs are the ones that do not have the ingredients that can harm your dog and end up at the vet’s clinic in the middle of the night.

The main ingredients of deviled eggs

Hard boiled eggs

The main ingredient in deviled eggs is hard boiled eggs, which are perfectly safe for the dogs. They are naturally rich in protein and fat, good for dog’s hair and eyes. Almost all of the dogs enjoy them. So, they are not hard on your dog’s stomach, if given in moderate quantities. 


Mayonnaise is generally not toxic for dogs. Use the mayonnaise in limited quantities in the deviled eggs. Its high fat content can cause issues to your pet’s health.

Unsweetened yogurt

Unsweetened yogurt is rich in calcium and considered as a fat cutter. This is a dog’s love. Instead of using mayonnaise or yolk, you can fill the hole in the hard boiled egg with one to two teaspoons of unsweetened yogurt and can make a dog friendly deviled egg recipe. 

Salt & spices

Salt is not advisable for feeding to dogs as it is high in sodium.  Eggs already have a salty taste, therefore, it is better, if you do not add to the deviled eggs. But, if you really want to add, sprinkle just as little as you can.

Spices are also to be avoided as they can cause severe health issues to your dogs. So, can dogs eat deviled eggs, yes, but without spices.

Ingredients that should be avoided

Following are the ingredients you should avoid while serving deviled eggs to your dog:


  • Causes nasal issues
  • Lead to diarrhoea and vomiting in the dog.

Salt & pepper


  • Toxic for dogs as it contains sulphur.
  • Irritation of mouth
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting and diarrhea


  • Gastrointestinal upset and anemia
  • Yellow or muddy colored gums
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting and diarrhea


How many deviled eggs for a dog?

Defining how many deviled eggs you should make for your dog or dogs is a complicated endeavor, as it can depend greatly on the dogs involved. 2-3 per dog is a good baseline, and we would almost never recommend going with more. (Note: The numbers we’re using denote deviled egg halves, i.e.1 full egg would make two deviled eggs). 

Remember, that moderation should be given the priority over the excess.

If you are unsure whether to give your dogs the deviled eggs, it’s better not to risk and first check with your vet. 

Want to know what other treats can your dog eat? 

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When is it best to serve deviled eggs to your dog?

It is best to serve deviled eggs to your dog occassionally and in moderation. If your dog is not sensitive to eggs or is not prone to any other allergy, you can give it once a week. 

Otherwise, do not give him. He can stay healthy without it, as there are many other alternatives to deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are not a compulsion for your dog.


Finally, don’t be afraid to serve deviled eggs to your dog. Dogs can eat deviled eggs.If you want to serve ham or bacon with deviled eggs? Go for it. We’re fairly certain that your dogs will be too busy chowing down to form any complaints.

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